Waiting in Darkness


The riveting prequel to CARVED IN DARKNESS, the first novel in the Sabrina Vaughn series.

As the bastard daughter of the town whore and the local police chief, 16-year-old Melissa Walker has few bright spots in her life. Her brother and sister. Her grandmother. Her boyfriend. To her, nothing else matters. She can't let anything else matter―but in the space of a heartbeat, Melissa's carefully balanced life spins out of control, plunging her into a nightmare only she can see.

Leave him, or I’ll finish what I started...

On the run, Melissa finally manages to settle into a life of quiet anonymity and, with the help of a new friend―the first she's ever had―she begins to put her life back together.

She's forgotten who she is. Who she belongs to...

But he's out there waiting for her... in darkness.

What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Maegan Beaumont is my favorite thrill ride!"

★★★★★ "I loved it so much that I went back and reread the series."

★★★★★ "Very intense."

★★★★★ "Maegan Beaumont continues to amaze her readers with her riveting prose."